The Map is Up and Updated

About a year ago we lost our high res Broken Lands map. After several failed attempts to recover it, Steve finally sat down and built a new one. This one is even better than the old one, as it includes some of the locations from the Broken Lands source book. Find it Here.

In other news, after last year’s absence from Gencon so Steve and Cait could have their daughter, Outrider Studios is back in action at Gencon this year. Come visit us at booth 1653.

Warbirds, Outrider Studios’ brand new game is up on Indiegogo

Outrider Studios is proud to present our latest RPG. Warbirds is a diesel-punk air combat adventure game. It’s full of high-flying action, interesting characters, and a fantastic setting.

We are now crowdfunding the game via Indiegogo. Check it out, donate, and help bring Warbirds to life.

Remnants, The Broken Lands Available in Bundles on DTRPG!

Some Outrider fans have already noticed that there are now two bundles you can get on Drive Thru RPG that include PDF versions of  Remnants and Remnants: The Broken Lands.

The first is the Complete Outrider Bundle. It includes:

The Complete Outrider Bundle is $18.00 USD on Drive Thru RPG whereas players would pay $28.00  USD for all three books individually. This bundle will always have all of the products that Outrider Studios sells and we will continue to add games to this bundle as we publish them! If you’re new to Outrider Studios’ games and the Rapidfire System, this bundle is a great, inexpensive way to jump in with both feet and explore the Broken Lands and the amazing world of Deomeidh.

The second is the Remnants Bundle. It includes:

  • Remnants, Electrum Bestseller on Drive Thru RPG, in PDF.
  • Remnants: The Broken Lands, Copper Bestseller on Drive Thru RPG, in PDF.

The Remnants bundle costs $12.00 USD on Drive Thru RPG and the games individually are usually $16.00 USD for both PDF versions. You’re probably on this site because you’re looking for a kick ass, fast paced, cinematic, post-apocalyptic, mecha, pen and paper roleplaying game. We have that- and this bundle is the best way to start getting in to Remnants.

Leave any questions you have in the comments below, or visit Outrider Studios’ publisher’s page on Drive Thru RPG!

The Broken Lands is a Copper Bestseller on Drive Thru RPG!

In only 10 short days Remnants: The Broken Lands has achieved Copper Best Seller Ranking on Drive Thru RPG!


A big thank you to everyone who supported Remnants and its newest expansion! We’re really pleased that you like Remnants and we hope that you enjoy the Broken Lands just as much!


We’d also like to thank Drive Thru RPG for being a great resource for Indie Game Publishers to get their books seen and played by gamers of the world!


We couldn’t have done it without Drive Thru RPG or the fans of Remnants, Edge, and Outrider Studios! You guys are the best and we have a lot more cool stuff coming your way. So stay tuned to, and follow us on Facebook!

Print Version of ‘Remnants: The Broken Lands’ Now Available!

Remnants: The Broken Lands is now being sold in both PDF and print versions at Get your copy today!

Remnants: The Broken Lands Release Date

Remnants: The Broken Lands is set to be released on February 14!  The first expansion for the popular Remnants role playing game by Outrider Studios will include new setting information, NPC stats, plot hooks and more. Get your copy in print or PDF at


Designer’s Blog

Want to read more about writer Steve Bergeron’s thoughts on gaming and GMing? Check out his blog at The Armoured Writer.

Remnants Expansion Coming Soon!

The expansion to our best-selling RPG Remnants is in its final stages of layout. Remnants: The Broken Lands will further explore the world of Remnants, by giving details about monsters, tribes, cities and dangerous places.  It will also be complete with new traits and new optional rules to further enhance your game experience.

Remnants: The Broken Lands will be released in PDF format within the next few weeks with print copies to follow, so check back soon for information on where to get your copy!

Remnants Softcovers Now Available at DriveThruRPG

After the success of our first print run of Remnants, we knew we had to make more books. We also knew we had to make the books even better (and cheaper to ship!). Outrider Studios is proud to announce that now has Remnants available for purchase in Print on Demand. The cost will still only be $20.00, but shipping will be cheaper, and the second printing has fixed typos, format errors, and contains several rules clarifications.

If you buy the print version of Remnants through DriveThruRPG, then you can bundle the PDF with it for just $2.00 more. Enjoy the game, and look out for more Remnants news soon!

Shout Out to 2GMs, 1Mic

Steve has been “neglecting the online component” of Outrider, though he has been writing like crazy of late. He has failed to listen to the 2GMs 1Mic podcast, perhaps the most awesome gaming podcast on the internet, and thus missed their amazing series of updates where they played Remnants.

After seeing this post in our forums, he rushed to rectify the situation. Luckily, the 2GMs 1Mic team loved the game. They built their own setting, and made a few house rules, and had a fantastic time with it. They mentioned that they would like to have Steve on the show to talk about it, and he has confirmed that it would be great if they will still have him.

You should check out 2GMs 1Mic, like them on Facebook, and vote for them for an Oggie. These guys rock.