Edge wins an Ennie!

Edge, Remnant’s sister RPG, has just won a Judges Spotlight award at the 2012 Ennies. Edge RPG is a Rapidfire powered Fantasy Role Playing Game that focuses personal conflict, politics, religion, and detailed storytelling. If you are already familiar with Remnants, then you already know most of the rules, and can jump right in to a world filled with intrigue, magic, and the chaotic power of the Edge.

A busy time for Remnants

It’s been quite the hectic year for Outrider Studios, but we are still up and writing!

A new print run of Remnants is set to be released before July this year. All hard copies of Remnants have sold out this year, which our team is very proud of, but with demand for Remnants still high we have decided to release a new run with minor editing and layout changes. Our writing and editing team are working hard to fix all of the little glitches in the text and images in order to provide a more polished product for our fans.

The long-awaited expansion for Remnants is well under way and has a tentative arrival date of December 2012. The expansion will include new information on setting, NPCs, enemies, and Traits and Abilities for your Ishin.

Outrider Studios has also contracted their first outside author, Kevin Empey, to write our very first Remnants module! The module, entitled “Spring’s Late”, will be tentatively released alongside our expansion in December 2012.

We have also entered both Remnants and Edge into the ENnie awards at GenCon this year! We hope to see our games on the official nominees list, and feel confident that our fans will support us.

Thank you again to all of our fans for your continued enthusiasm and support. We hope to update our sites more frequently this summer, so check back often! Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions about Remnants, feel free to comment in our forum or send us a message through our “Contact” page — we love hearing from you!

Outrider Studios’ Edge Is On Sale!

Hello Remnants fans,

In honour of our great fans we at Outrider have put our premiere game, Edge, on sale (Print + PDF) for just $20! The sale will run until midnight until October 11th so get your copy now!

New to Outrider Studios? Check out Edge’s official page here!

Remnants Creator Steve Bergeron on RPG.net

Steve Bergeron, creator of Edge and Remnants, has been personally answering questions about Remnants and The Rapidfire system from fans and interested parties on RPG Net!

Take a look at what Steve and everyone is saying on RPG Net or sign up for RPG Net and get in on the conversation!

Reviews Page Added!

Click the Reviews tab for a list of all of Remnants’ incredible reviews! We’ve been so fortunate to have such great people as 2 GMs 1 Mic, The Gaming Gang, Rob Donoghue give their insight into Remnants for all to enjoy. Take a look at their reviews and many more and stay tuned to Remnants’ official facebook page and right here for all new reviews as they come up!

Remnants RPG

Welcome to Remnants: The Role Playing Game!

Here you will find a fast paced, cinematic, mecha RPG set in a desolate post-apocalyptic future. Use the remains of a lost civilization to fight for survival in a time where food and shelter are scarce but dangers are everywhere. From the mech wielding tribesmen who sift amongst the rubble of the Broken Lands to the monstrosities who control the vast, scorched wilderness, Remnants offers players a world of humanity and survival that will push you to the edge of your seat with every roll of a Rapidfire die.

Outrider Studios hereby welcomes you to our Broken Lands and wishes you a strong arm and sure foot so that you may fight for what’s left…

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