Remnants, The Broken Lands Available in Bundles on DTRPG!

Some Outrider fans have already noticed that there are now two bundles you can get on Drive Thru RPG that include PDF versions of  Remnants and Remnants: The Broken Lands.

The first is the Complete Outrider Bundle. It includes:

The Complete Outrider Bundle is $18.00 USD on Drive Thru RPG whereas players would pay $28.00 ¬†USD for all three books individually. This bundle will always have all of the products that Outrider Studios sells and we will continue to add games to this bundle as we publish them! If you’re new to Outrider Studios’ games and the Rapidfire System, this bundle is a great, inexpensive way to jump in with both feet and explore the Broken Lands and the amazing world of Deomeidh.

The second is the Remnants Bundle. It includes:

  • Remnants, Electrum Bestseller on Drive Thru RPG, in PDF.
  • Remnants: The Broken Lands, Copper Bestseller on Drive Thru RPG, in PDF.

The Remnants bundle costs $12.00 USD on Drive Thru RPG and the games individually are usually $16.00 USD for both PDF versions. You’re probably on this site because you’re looking for a kick ass, fast paced, cinematic, post-apocalyptic, mecha, pen and paper roleplaying game. We have that- and this bundle is the best way to start getting in to Remnants.

Leave any questions you have in the comments below, or visit Outrider Studios’ publisher’s page on Drive Thru RPG!