Shout Out to 2GMs, 1Mic

Steve has been “neglecting the online component” of Outrider, though he has been writing like crazy of late. He has failed to listen to the 2GMs 1Mic podcast, perhaps the most awesome gaming podcast on the internet, and thus missed their amazing series of updates where they played Remnants.

After seeing this post in our forums, he rushed to rectify the situation. Luckily, the 2GMs 1Mic team loved the game. They built their own setting, and made a few house rules, and had a fantastic time with it. They mentioned that they would like to have Steve on the show to talk about it, and he has confirmed that it would be great if they will still have him.

You should check out 2GMs 1Mic, like them on Facebook, and vote for them for an Oggie. These guys rock.