Some call it the center of the world, the capital of the wastes, or the bastion of civilization. Others call it the Broken Lands’ largest refuse heap.  Those that live there call it Amantin, and know that there is some truth to be found in both opinions. Amantin brings out both the best and worst in humanity; it is a center for trade and commerce, as well as one of the few places that technology, both new and old, sees regular use. It is also the center of the slave and arms trades, and is full of debauched oligarchs, corrupt officials, and dangerous criminals.

How one views modern Amantin depends entirely on perspective. For some, Amantin is a beacon of civilization. It is powerful, successful, and prefers peace and trade to war and conquest. Others see Amantin as the very epitome of corruption. A tiny caste of elites enjoys a life of decadence and splendour, while the rest of the city wallows in misery.

What will you find there?

Explore Amantin and all it has to offer in Remnants: The Broken Lands, available in print and PDF on February 14.